Music for Reiki and Guided Meditations

Are you looking for beautiful and relaxing reiki music for guided meditation ?

You can either buy ready made instrumental meditation music on mp3 download for use in your classes (PPL license required) or order unique music designed specifically for your project.

  • Tailored music for your guided meditations

  • Buy mp3s of meditation music in our download shop for your classes or personal use. (PPL License required for classes, spas or shops)

  • Unique music sympathetic to your words and messages-no generic royalty free music when you choose our music services.

  • Share the copyright with the musician or buy full rights.

  • Sell downloads of your creation on digital stores like iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Google play and your own website

  • Keep 70% of all royalties on download sales with digital stores

  • Get free samples to see how your meditation will sound

  • Advice and friendly support from us

  • Have the option to manufacture beautiful eco friendly compact discs and keep 100% royalties from sales

  • Manufacture your own cds and keep 100% profit

  • Help with artwork

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