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Do you need serene and tranquil music for your guided meditations or reiki healing cd?


I need music for a new guided meditation I have recorded but I dont want to use generic royalty free music which is pre-recorded and not unique to my project. I want music that is recorded specifically for my meditation and tailored to my needs that will be exclusive to my cd or download. I want music that the artist creates specifically to my words and music that is sensitive to the message, nuances, healing and guidance that my meditation offers. I want to discuss with the musician what kind of sounds and mood I want, perhaps with a free sample before I go ahead.

I have already recorded  my voice to a professional audio standard and am ready to send it to the musician so he can sympathetically add the sound and colour to my work and words. I want to sell the meditation in digital download stores such as iTunes, Amazon mp3, Googleplay and on my own website. I will be able to keep 70% of royalty fees from digital download sales. I understand that increasingly, people are buying from Amazon iTunes and Google Play from their smart phones and tablets.

The artist will take 30% of the royalties from download sales as per shared copyright.  I may want to make physical eco friendly compact discs of my guided meditation. I can order a minimum of 30 cds and sell the cds myself keeping all of the money from sales. I can get help with cd artwork and design. I am happy to share the copyright of the final product with the artist.

I have the option to manufacture my own cd's and keep 100% of sales. There is also an option to have designed music for which I can be the copyright owner giving me full rights over the music.


I take your completed audio recording and meditate with it, become familiar with it so I can tune into the kind of sounds and ambience that the meditation requires. I can send you a small sample to give you an idea of how it will sound.

I am available for phone and email consultation during the recording proccess. I can get the release on iTunes Amazon and Googleplay etc. I will take 30% of the royalties from any future sales of downloads from these digital stores. I will send you detailed sales reports from iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Google play etc once they are released to me each quarter.

I will advise you how to increase sales of your guided meditation. I have the right to have cds made of the final product also and sell them online and in stores keeping all the royalties. You may do the same, keeping all royalties from cds you have ordered for youreslf. I share the copyright with you.  You may play the cd in your guided meditation classes.   I will provide with barcodes and ISRC numbers free of charge.

I am a new age and ambient music composer with 9 albums out on release on cd and as download and am familiar with the genre. I am dedicated to your project and will treat your release as if it where one of my own, with great care and enthusiasm. I offer  friendly and helpful service and want your guided meditation to be a beautiful thing.

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